About Us

KudozTech is a one-stop distribution and supplies of Banking and Finance Equipments.  KudozTech offers own-brand and other top reliable brand equipments and products.

KudozTech is focused on entry-level to high ends of Automatic Identification, and Counterfeit Detection. Our strength in this segment comes from our close association with the solution based cluster that has developed the R&D in Singapore. Nowhere else will you find such an ideal combination of cutting-edge technology, application know-how and the most important competitive cost.

KudozTech major product lines include Cheque WritersMoney Counting machinesCurrency Detectors and Coin Counter/Sorters. Others secondary products like Barcode Printers, Barcode Scanners and Smart ID Card Printers are also distribute by us in this region. KudozTech products are widely used in the Banking & Financial, Retails and Industrial sectors. We continue to expand our product lines and enter new markets.Customers satisfaction is KudozTech commitment.

We offer our customers:
a) Speed and Efficiency in handling customer requests.
b) Cost Leadership.
c) Solution to help them increase productivity. 

KudozTech looks forward to sustained growth and success in developing market leading products, as we fulfill our vision of becoming a world-class distributor and supplier for Automatic Identification and Counterfeit Detection.