BC-931 Banknote Counter

bc931 500

** 100% ECB APPROVED **

  • Piece counting
  • Low Noise while counting
  • Automatic detect counterfeits with UV(ultraviolet), MG(magnetic) and IR(infra red)
  • Stops and sounds alarm for the counting errors (Double, Chain, Half)
  • Batching, adding and self-examination functions.
  • Rotatable LED display
  • SGD / EURO / USD / HKD / CAD / CHF /THB / Chinese Yuan and plastic notes detection available
Counting Speed 1,000 pcs per minutes
Banknote Size 110mm x 50mm ~ 185mm x 90mm
Hopper Capacity 200 pcs
Stacker Capacity 300 pcs
Dimensions 281mm (L) x 236mm (W) x 158mm (H)
Net Weight 6.5 kg
Power Supply AC220V  50Hz / AC110V  60Hz
Detection UV, MG, IR