N-9 Heavy Duty Value Counter

N-9 new 400

N-9 Heavy Duty Value Counter has been made a simple way to check and visualize on counterfeit banknotes. It can be configured with up to 6 major currencies with excellent counting speed.
N-9 Heavy Duty Value Counter is one of the few machines installed with Infra-Red (IR), Magnetic (MG), Metal Thread (MT), Ultra Violet (UV), 2 CIS, Ultrasound, Paper Sensitivity for counterfeit detection. It is quick and easy to operate.
– Simple to operate with MIX / SORT / FACE / ORIENTATION / IMAGE / PCS modes
– Serial Number printing for US Dollars
– Can differentiate value and also detect superior counterfeit


Counterfeit Detection  IR, MG, MT, UV, DD, Density, 2 CIS, Paper Sensitivity, Ultrasound
Available Currencies  USD, EUR, SGD, HKG, MYR, THB, IDR
Counting Speed  800, 1200, 1500 notes per minute
Hopper / Stacker Capacity  500 notes / 200 notes
Countable Note Size  Length 100~185mm, Width 50~90mm, Thickness 0.075~0.15mm
Power Supply  100~240V AC, 50/60 Hz / Comsumption approx.50W
Noise  <60dB
Dimensions   251mm (L) x 271mm (W) x 263mm (H)
Weight  Approx. 9 kg
Interface  RS232 / USB / SD card
Printer (Optional)  RJ-11 (to print denomination and currency serial numbers)